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What Other Space Audio Exists?

SSFX isn’t the first project to use “sound from space” though it is one of the very few to use genuine analogues of sound in the medium of space, plasma. So what have all this other space audio been then? Check our latest video to find out.


How to Hear Sound in Space

Wondering exactly how the space spounds from SSFX were made? Or what people think they sound like? Dr Martin Archer delves into all the comments you’ve had about these weird sounds, which may help inspire their use in your films.

You can see the infographic of all the comments here.

SSFX’s Massive Musical Instrument Featured

You may have seen SSFX floating around online and the media recently, as the idea of us living within a massive musical instrument has captured people’s imaginations. Articles about this can be found on the Daily Mail, IFL Science, Yahoo, and Science Alert among others.

Our next SSFX video will be about your comments on what space sounds like. Are any of them right in a scientific sense? Stay tuned to find out!

What does space sound like? Your comments

Thanks to everyone who commented on our space sounds telling us what they thought they sound like. We had such a wide range of responses as can be seen in the infographic below.

You can add your comments on what space sounds like to you any time on our Soundcloud playlist.

What does space sound like?

Back in November we asked members of the public to listen to our sounds from space and provide their comments of what they think it sounds like.

This got picked up by The Daily Mail, Science Alert, Newsweek, and amongst others. We even got a tweet of approval from the European Space Agency.