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Art – Science Collaborations Using Data

Art and science are often seen as complete opposites: art is subjective, while science aims to discover objective facts about nature. But more and more, we are realising that there are commonalities between the two and this has lead to more and more collaborations between artists and scientists. However, the artworks’ inspiration from science isn’t always apparent to audiences – that’s why I’ve become an advocate for using actual data in these collaborative works, just like in the SSFX project.

I’ve written an article on this subject over on The Conversation, based on my experiences with this project.

How to Make Music Composed of Space Itself

You may have heard various space sounds, but some composers have done more than just listen to them. Hear about the ways in which music can be made from space itself.


A bit of fun on Twitter right now is #scienceraptrax where people have been writing mini raps featuring science. Here’s one for SSFX: