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What Other Space Audio Exists?

SSFX isn’t the first project to use “sound from space” though it is one of the very few to use genuine analogues of sound in the medium of space, plasma. So what have all this other space audio been then? Check our latest video to find out.


Vote in the EGU Communicate Your Science Video Competition

Dr Martin Archer has been selected for the European Geosciences Union Communicate Your Science Video Competition with an entry about SSFX. You can vote for it by liking the video on YouTube.

Earth’s Massive Magnetic Musical Instrument

We told you what sounds in space physically are, but did you know that Earth’s magnetosphere has a major role in controlling the sounds present around the Earth? It’s very much like a musical instrument, as Dr Martin Archer explains in our latest video delving into this complex magnetic symphony and some of the questions that researchers still have about it.

The tagline to Alien was wrong

Alien told us “in space no one can hear you scream”, which seems apt as we learned that sound can’t travel through space. Except it can, the entire SSFX project is about sound in space. So what is sound in space?

The answers can be found in the first video of our SSFX series on the research currently being done into these space sounds.

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