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Banging to the beat of Earth’s magnetic drum

We’ve just discovered a new type of musical instrument within our magnetosphere, a drum which has eluded us for some 45-years. Find out about our latest scientific results just published in Nature Communications here:


Want to hear the drum itself too? We’ve got you covered:

What Geomagnetic Storms Sound Like (And How We Found Out)

As well as making films, we’ve actually been doing science with the audible sounds of space and now we’ve found out something new about what happens following disturbances to Earth’s magentic shield… all thanks to a group of London school students. Find out more here:

SSFX The Anthology Film releases online

After a world tour which has seen the short films from the SSFX project tour 16 film festivals across 8 countries and at over 500 different events, we now release our anthology film online for free. Watch it now!

Anthology Film Coming Soon

We’ve had a very busy year touring the SSFX shorts around the world, with some tremendous successes from our filmmakers. With the tour soon to wrap up, we’re pleased to announce that the anthology film linking together all our short films will be released online for free later this year. Watch this space for more!

Astroturf wins Best Experimental Film at SCInema

One of the SSFX Short Films, Astroturf, has won the Best Experimental Film Award at this year’s SCInema International Science Film Festival. The judges commented that “This clever film takes the old adage ‘in space no one can hear you scream’ and turns it on its head.” Astroturf, along with the other winners, will tour cinemas around Australia over the next few months.

You can find out more about the film in this Q&A from our festival:

Behind the Scenes of our Anthology

Our anthology film discusses the science behind the project and integrates the short films through a framing story. Here’s a behind the scenes look at its creation.

SSFX The Anthology Film

We’ve combined short films featuring the sounds of space into a single anthology film. Here’s the trailer:

The film is being premiered on Wednesday 28 April at Queen mary University of London along with an exhibition of other works produced as part of the project. Tickets are free, so reserve your place now. Other screenings across the UK are taking place, check our tour page for details.

Q&A: Saturation

We’re showcasing the short films produced through the SSFX project, hearing from the filmmakers involved. Victor Galvao discusses Saturation.

There’s no answer when time is the question. Featuring 35mm slides found in a medical archive, this sci-fi story concerns unknown phenomena that made all organic processes so fast as to make life impossible.


We’re showcasing the short films produced through the SSFX project, hearing from the filmmakers involved. Ali Jennings and Jess Hammett discuss NOISE.

A secretive woman opens herself up to her unruly housemate, after they are stuck together in her room.

Q&A: Names and Numbers

We’re showcasing the short films produced through the SSFX project, hearing from the filmmakers involved. Simon Rattigan discusses Names and Numbers.

A sound and voice collage shaped by the sounds of space and Morse code, addressing the external, physical and material experiences of sound and movement contrasted with interior reflections, explored through language, inner voices and symbols.

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